Shipping & Returns

§ 1
General provisions

1. The owner and administrator of the online store operating at is Makohin - Szymon Makohin, Brothers Wagów 20/27, 02-791 Warsaw. NIP (tax identification number): 9512017126; REGON: 361704974. Further as Safripsti.

2. The Regulations specify the terms of use of the Website by the Employer, including in particular:
a) Selling products
b) Use of the Newsletter.

3. Due to the fact that Safripsti primarily conducts business and stationary sales in Warsaw at ul. Oleandrów 3, reserves the right to sell things first in a stationary store, open from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00 : 00 and on Saturdays 12: 00-16: 00.

4. Safripsti sells second-hand, vintage items. All items are washed or dry cleaned. We try to send them with the best possible protection against damage, but we are not able to avoid the fact that some things can be crushed after being removed from the package. Due to the fact that they are vintage, they may have slight signs of use, but if the item has any defects or serious damage, it will be indicated in the description.

5. In order to avoid disputes and misunderstandings when receiving the goods, carefully read the description of the item, which is on the product page.

§ 2

Capitalized terms in these Regulations should be assigned the following meanings:

a) Safripsti - a stationary store with headquarters in Warsaw at ul. Oleandrów 3;
b) Privacy Policy - a separate document regulating the principles of protection and processing of personal data of Website users;
c) Regulations - these regulations for using the Website;
d) Website - the website operating at;
e) ICT system - a set of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunications networks by means of a terminal device appropriate for a given type of network;
f) User - a natural person with full or limited legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law grants legal capacity and who uses the Website, subscribed to the Newsletter or purchases products available on the Website;
g) Products - items that are the subject of the sale offer;
h) Shopping Cart - a Website function that allows the User to:
1. Overview of selected products to buy;
2. Entering and modifying the order details, in particular the email address, delivery address, delivery method, payment methods;
i) Newsletter - an e-mail (electronic letter) received by the User free of charge with his consent based on an earlier order, in accordance with the principles set out in these Regulations, to the provided e-mail address, which may contain, among others, commercial information , information about promotions and discounts;
j) PayU System - an external entity intermediating in the execution of payments via a bank transfer or payment card;
k) Business day - the working day is the period from Monday to Friday;


§ 3
Technical requirements

1. Technical requirements necessary for the User to use the Website (ordering, registration, payments):
a) a computer or other electronic device having Internet access;
b) a web browser that supports cookies with support enabled (recommended);
c) having an e-mail account - required for the User;

2. Safripsti informs that the Website's website uses cookies, which are saved on the User's computer. Cookies are used for informational, functional and statistical purposes. Detailed rules for the use of cookies by the Website can be found in the Privacy Policy, which is a separate document.

§ 4.
Purchase of products

1. In order to purchase products, the User is obliged to:

a) Place selected products in the basket;
b) Accept the list of products selected in the Basket;
c) Choose the form of delivery of the product;
d) Provide the following personal data:

2. Email address

3. Name and surname,

4. Full company name (if any),

5. Company address or residential address,

6. NIP (if applicable);

e) Confirm the order in the Basket;
f) Confirm the order again by selecting the link that will be sent by e-mail;
g) make the payment in accordance with § 5 of the Regulations.

2. The purchased products are delivered using the services of a courier company. The user who purchased the product is obliged to pay the amount indicated by way of product delivery.

3. The amount for the delivery will be added to the amount due for the sale price of the purchased product.

4. The product will be delivered to the address provided by the User within the next 2 business days.

5. The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded when the price for sale has been credited to the Safripsti bank account.

§ 5

1. The User is obliged to make payments for purchased products via the PayU System with which the Store cooperates.

2. Once the User has selected certain products, placed them in the Basket and selected the payment option, the User will be redirected to the external PayU System portal to make the payment.

3. To make a payment using the PayU system, it is necessary to accept the regulations for the provision of services available at: and the regulations for a single PayU transaction available at: http : //

4. After making the payment via the PayU System, the User will be automatically redirected to the Store's website.

5. All prices of offered sale items expressed in zlotys are gross prices.

6. Safripsti will issue a receipt for the User for the sale and delivery, which will be attached to the shipment of the purchased product.

§ 6
Withdrawal from the contract

1. Safripsti has the right to withdraw from the contract within 48 hours of the conclusion of the sales contract by a statement addressed to the User's e-mail address indicated when purchasing the product.

2. If Safripsti performs the action described in par. 1 above, Safripsti is obliged to refund the price paid by the User within 3 business days from the date of notifying the User about withdrawal from the contract.

3. The User has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the product by the User.

§ 7

1. Each User using the Website has the right to subscribe to the Newsletter.

2. In order to subscribe to the Newsletter, the User is obliged to agree to receive the Newsletter in a separate tab of the Website and additionally perform the following actions:
a) Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate form to which the User will receive the Newsletter;
b) Provide your real name;
c) Select the content of the consent for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy;
d) Activate the link provided in the e-mail sent automatically by the Website to the e-mail address provided by the User in order to verify the correctness of the information provided during registration.

3. The User is responsible for the content, compliance and accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. The delivery of false content is prohibited.

4. If the link is not activated by the User, in accordance with para. 2 point d) above, within 7 days of completing the registration form, the data entered by the User will be automatically removed from the data catalog. Activating the link after the abovementioned deadline will remain ineffective.

5. The agreement for the provision of the Newsletter service is concluded for an indefinite period of time when the conditions for using the Service referred to in paragraph 2 above.

6. The User may unsubscribe from the Newsletter Service at any time by sending an email to or by sending a written statement to the Store's address informing about resignation from the Newsletter Service.

7. The User may also unsubscribe from the Newsletter Service by selecting the appropriate link in the Newsletter content.

8. The use of the Newsletter Service is free of charge.

§ 8

Complaint procedure

1. The User has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the functioning of the Website and ordered products, payments and delivery. Complaints shall be reported by e-mail to or in writing to the address of the Website.

Any person whose rights have been violated through content published on the Website has the right to report abuse. The notification is sent by e-mail to or in writing to Safripsti.

3. Safripsti will consider complaints / abuse reports within 14 business days of their receipt at the e-mail address or the Company's address, in accordance with para. 1 or 2 above.

4. The Service Recipient submitting a complaint or a person reporting abuse will be notified about the way of settling the case via e-mail or in writing to the address from which the complaint was sent.

5. Completion of the complaint procedure does not exclude the right to assert your rights in court.

§ 9

Amendments to the Regulations

1. Safripsti reserves the right to amend these Regulations in order to take into account changes in the law, changes in functions offered through the Store, introduction of new services in the Store, better protection of the interests of the Service Recipients, clarifying the issues raising the doubts of Service Recipients.

2. A change to the provisions of the Regulations may not lead to the loss of the acquired rights by the Customer, if they were acquired in accordance with the law.

3. The Service Recipient who does not accept changes to the Regulations is obliged to stop using the Store. The use of the Store by the Service Recipient after the day of obtaining information about the amendment of the Regulations will be treated as acceptance of the Regulations.

4. It does not constitute a change to these Regulations, a change in the form and nature of running the Store, in particular a change in the graphic design of the Store, adding new functionalities, etc., as long as these changes do not conflict with the provisions of these Regulations.


Final Provisions

1. All disputes arising from matters covered by these Regulations shall be settled by the General Court competent for the seat of Safripsti - Makohin-Szymon Makohin. The above reservation shall not apply if any claims were raised by or against consumers within the meaning of art. 221 of the Civil Code.

2. The Regulations are made available to the Buyer free of charge, via the Website, in a form that allows obtaining, reproducing and consolidating the Regulations using the ICT system used by the Service Recipient.

3. The Regulations shall enter into force on June 1, 2016


1. Personal data of Users and Store Customers are processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data, taking into account the principles set out in the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services.
2. The administrator of personal data of Store users is Makohin - Szymon Makohin. Makohin - Szymon Makohin; Braci Wagów 20/27, 02-791 Warsaw; NIP (tax identification number): 9512017126; REGON: 361704974.
3. Providing any personal data is voluntary, however, for the purposes of using the services in the Store, it is required to provide the following data:
a) in order to subscribe to the Newsletter or download: e-mail address, name, surname;
b) to make purchases in the store: email address, name, address, telephone number;
4. Users and service recipients have the right to inspect their data and amend it at any time. The Store Administrator reserves the right to respond to a user's request to respond within 72 hours. The request must be submitted by e-mail to
5. Users 'and Customers' data will be processed by the data administrator for the correct implementation of the Store. In addition, Users' personal data may be processed for marketing purposes.
6. The User may resign from participation in the Store at any time. In this case, the User's personal data will be deleted or anonymized, unless further processing of the data is justified by law.
7. The Store uses IP addresses collected during internet connections for purposes related to server administration and delivery of personalized services and content. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general, statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region from which the connection takes place).
8. The store uses "cookies". Cookies are small files saved on the terminal device of the recipient of Store content, which are read when connecting to the Store from this terminal device.
9. As part of the Store, cookies are used in particular for the following purposes:
a) Maintain and save the user's session;
b) Enabling subscription to the Newsletter;
c) Enabling the purchase of products;
d) Save the information necessary for the proper operation of the Store;
e) Remembering the user's choice to stop displaying the selected message or display it a specified number of times;
f) Restoring User's session;
g) Using a communication tool;
h) Integration with social networks.

10. Specific Store functions and even the entire Store or certain services may not work properly if you reject cookies.
11. The data administrator may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time due to technical changes of the Store, new functionalities or modifications of the Store. Changes to this Privacy Policy may not deprive users of acquired rights and they shall have effect for the future from the date of the change. A user who will not agree to changes to the Privacy Policy may at any time stop using the Store and its services.
12. Capitalized terms in this Privacy Policy are useful in the meaning given to them in the Store's Regulations

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