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VINTAGE is the future. It's also our way of life. It is an eternal search for value, originality, own unique style. It's a sentiment to the past. It is often said that everything has already been done. We don't know if it's true. Life surprises at every turn. However, it is sometimes worth stopping and thinking about it. Maybe what was not all that bad? Maybe it is worth taking what was created in the past, filtering through your sensitivity, sensitivity and re-use?

SAFRIPSTI NAME is a word game taken from the French language. Do you remember the hero of the Tintin comic? Tintin had his curse - Sapristi! It means as much as: Hell! We have always enjoyed it. We added one letter and came out Sa-frip-sti. And all clear. All the more clearer because 'frip' in French means nothing less than 'used'.

SAFRIPSTI is a vintage shop. The idea of ​​VINTAGE shop has been around the world for years. Such shops can be found in every major city in Europe. A few years ago, wandering the streets of Parisian Marais, we wanted a place like this in Warsaw.

Do you like good quality clothes, made of precious materials, in classic or old-school styles? At SAFRIPSTI you will find it. We follow trends in the fashion world on an ongoing basis and adapt them to the supply of our store. You will always find a full range of colors for silk shirts and cashmere sweaters. On sale we have jeans katanas, 501 Levisa, white shirts for every occasion, lots of sweatshirts, t-shirts, real sea of ​​dresses and much, much more.

ORIGINALITY has always been a value to us. SAFRIPSTI clothes are definitely unique. Each of them is absolutely unique and one of a kind. You will not find a second such dress, a second cashmere sweater, a silk shirt or a leather skirt on the street. When it comes to creating your own image - VINTAGE is indispensable. By dressing in VINTAGE, you exude class, respect for the past, subtly suggest interest in ecology, manifest your difference, your individual color.

The quality of SAFRIPSTI clothes, the quality of VINTAGE items is unquestionable. The materials used to manufacture clothes years ago are distinguished by much better quality. Skins, silks, cashmere - could be exchanged endlessly. Those currently produced on a large industrial scale cannot compete with them. The term "cheap clothing" is more adequate to that currently produced in mass. Fabrics used for its production, as well as the way of cutting, folding, sewing, are simply much worse than it used to be.

ECOLOGY in the modern world should be a priority. SAFRIPSTI definitely pays attention to this issue. Mass production of clothing is the cause of colossal pollution of the environment. Right behind the oil, it is clothing that is the greatest threat to him. Instead of being at the landfill, VINTAGE fabrics, both natural and artificial, can boldly create the image of a contemporary street, be an integral part of it.

CHOOSE WITH YOUR HEAD. BUY LESS. It is sometimes good to slow down a little. Don't make hasty decisions. It is definitely better to stop, think and make the right decision for yourself, without forgetting the world around us. SAFRIPSTI stands behind you wall, while remembering about ecology. Hence, we deal with the selection of clothes and accessories used to give them new meaning when they reach your, unique and unrepeatable hands.
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